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cassidyKryptonSite Smallville Comic-Con Interviews, Part V: Executive Producer Brian Peterson!

Read our interview with Executive Producer Kelly Souders

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What can you tell us about the bald guy who appears to be in the season premiere clips?

The best explanation for that is Lex Luthor always had a back-up plan, and so I think that answers that.

Do you feel as the series has gone on, you have been allowed to do more with the DC Comics mythology?

The great thing about the last couple of years, is that a lot of the things that were originally a bit more forbidden because of the features have lightened up, and so we've been able to do so much. A lot of characters like Hawkman and Doctor Fate, and doing things with Lois Lane, and the use of the shield. Things that we never could have done before.

Is there any DC character that didn't make it on that you were wishing for?

Obviously the two stand-outs are the ones that are mentioned every time. Wonder Woman and Batman are their own franchises, so we just can't go there. But we have a couple coming up this year. We're dealing with some of the Darkseid mythology, and bringing in some of his minions.

We have several characters -- because we're not bringing [Darkseid] in at the beginning of the season like we did with Zod or Doomsday, we're doing it a little differently this year -- that we have several of his harbingers that we'll see along the season.

Was that really Granny Goodness in that hospital scene?

I cannot confirm or deny that, but everybody's got really good guesses. [laughs]

Who is going to play Darkseid?

[Squirms] That would give things away, so I can't really say that. You'll just have to see.

What can you tell us about the episode that Geoff Johns is writing?

We just sat down a couple of weeks ago, so we haven't decided anything other than it's Blue Beetle, and it's Booster Gold. It will fall at a point in the season where Clark really needs the interaction with that character, to propel him forward, kind of like the Justice Society did last year.

The Chloe and Oliver fans wanted me to be sure that it's asked: Is there anything good for that pairing coming in the season premiere?

Absolutely. They will be very happy. There's a clip that's in the reel that we showed, and there is a great Chlollie story in the premiere.

Whose decision was it to use the Brandon Routh costume for Smallville?

We really like that even though our show has its own world, we always try to dovetail it and touch on the [other] mythology, so we thought it would be great to use one of those suits. The Christopher Reeve suit just didn't quite fit with our world as well when DC offered it to us, so the Warner Bros. Museum let use the Brandon Routh suit.

Do you know if the last scene of the series will have Clark in the costume, as many have imagined?

The best thing that I can say is that I'm hoping your imagination was right.

Is the actress playing Cat Grant the same actress who played her last year?

No; we did a little different thing. Her name is Keri Lynn Pratt. She's fantastic. We just saw her dailies the other day, and they're fantastic.

Is Brainiac (James Marsters) going to be a recurring villain for Season 10?

No. Right now, we have him planned for one appearance in the 200th episode, and again, we're going to switch it up a little bit. He's not just Brainiac - there's something a little different to him - so that'll be fun.

Are we going to get new opening title shots for Tom or Erica this year?

You would not believe how much those cost, and it comes out of the show, so if it's between heat vision or a super leap or opening titles, I'd go with the super leap; but we're going to try to get some new things in there.

From the preview clip it appears that Jonathan Kent will be back. Is he returning?

He's going to be in the season premiere, and we have him for a couple more episodes. So yes, Jonathan Kent will be back. Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort) will be back. Brainiac will be back. Carter Hall will be back. And we have a couple of other things planned out.

Will there only be 4 series regulars this season?

Five, because Allison Mack is back for several episodes.

Will she remain in the opening credits?

I can't answer that, because we're in the middle of a couple things, but I believe so.

The great thing about Allison is that she's wanted to do theater forever, and she was such a trooper and so loyal that she came back every single year. So she made this great compromise with us, that she could explore some opportunities yet stay in the show. We worked together to find an incredible way to cap off the character of Chloe in a way that I think people will be really happy. So she is in the show for several episodes.

Is there any chance that the show could continue as "Superman?"

Well, if I had a crystal ball, I would love to answer that. I don't know. At the moment, there are no plans right now for that to happen.

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