KryptonSite Comic-Con Report: Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson Talk Season 8! Part 2
After the Smallville panel at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, the participating actors and producers spoke with members of the press about the upcoming season, and we are now happy to share with you an interview with two of the show's new executive producers, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, from their roundtable discussion.

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Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson took the opportunity to talk more about the show's addition of Doomsday to the show's mythos. "Nobody can ever step into Michael Rosenbaum and Lex Luthor's shoes," Souders says, revealing that one of the first things discussed was to not try to replace Lex. "There's just no point to it. We honor the character, and we honor the actor so much. But, that said, we looked at who was the biggest villain we could possibly bring in, we talked about Doomsday, we sat down with DC Comics. We have great reps over there that work with us tirelessly, and they kind of said that there hasn't been much backstory on Doomsday, so what Smallville always tries to do when they reinvent something is also try to link up eventually with what happens or to get the sense that that's where that character's going or that storyline so that everything kind of matches up. Just because he comes onto the scene as this really great, fun-loving, charming guy paramedic, doesn't mean that we aren't also trying to figure out how to make sure that he lines up down the road," she continues.

"I think Al and Miles created a show that uses DC mythology but always puts a little spin on the new characters and very much the way we introduced Brainiac the way we did. I think we got to a place that people understood we were linking up and we actually were really true and respectful to the mythology. It's exactly what we're doing with Doomsday," Peterson adds.

Season 8 might also prove to be the year that Clark will consider a dual life. "That's actually his main thrust this season," Kelly Souders says. "Saving people in Smallville was one thing, where he kind of had to run to the factory to save Chloe or the roads weren't very crowded, but being alive in Metropolis as Superman is a very different experience and he will find very quickly in the season that it's not so easy when you're running through crowded streets or you're having to run into a crowded crisis situation."

"Or you're accountable to Lois back at the Daily Planet," Peterson adds.

And finally, regarding the "No flights, no tights" edict, Peterson reveals that there have been talks about breaking one of those rules. "We have a lot of conversations," he says. "The only thing that we were saying is that we can absolutely confirm that there's no tights. That's pretty much all we can say on that."

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