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supergirl laura vandervoortInterview: Laura Vandervoort Talks Supergirl's Return & What's Coming Up For Lisa On V

Interview by Craig Byrne

Supergirl returns to Smallville on Friday night's episode, and playing her (of course!) will be fan favorite Laura Vandervoort in the role.

A few weeks ago as part of a press tour, KryptonSite was one of several media outlets who were able to interview Laura Vandervoort on the set of her new series V, where we all snuck in a few questions about her Super return. This was all part of a roundtable press discussion so you might see these quotes on multiple websites.

"I was happy to go back. It had been almost two years," Laura says about returning as Kara for the October 8 episode. "I'm glad they came up with a storyline that kind of explains where Kara was for a year and a half. She does come back for a reason. She's teaching Clark an important lesson in this episode, that he will or won't fail," she reveals.

"It wasn't hard to get back into Kara," she admits. "It's like a family over there, and you get into it pretty quickly, but it did take a while for me to remember who she was and where she came from. She's actually a lot more mature in this episode that we've ever seen her, and it's kind of parallel with Lisa as well, because she was immature and didn't have control of her destiny last season, and same with Kara, whereas now they come back and they're very knowledgeable, and they've taken the reins. It's good," she says.

Talking about whether or not "Supergirl" is a good final wrap-up for Kara, Vandervoort reveals that the episode is "not necessarily" a wrap-up. "The storyline is left open-ended, so Kara doesn't necessarily leave; but I don't know if she's returning. She's staying in Metropolis, but I'm not sure if you're going to see me again after that episode," she says.

Laura is now in her second year playing the alien Visitor Lisa in ABC's V, which returns later this year, and she talked with us a bit about the differences and similarities between Kara and Lisa.

"They both had major differences last year," she admits. "This year, there are a lot of similiarities which surprised me when I actually thought about it. Obviously, Kara has these super powers, and is very defiant, and has her own opinions; whereas Lisa is a soldier, and shadows her mother, and does what she's told. This season, Lisa is coming up with the wrong ideas, thinking for herself; and Kara comes back and is talking down to Clark a little bit, telling him 'you're so behind in your lessons. You can't fly. You can't do this. Your father gave me this directive and he doesn't want you involved. We don't think you can handle it,' so both characters are finally kind of making up their own opinions."

When V began, Laura thinks things were different. "Originally, I would have said that Lisa was just a soldier ant, following the Queen Ant, Anna. I always think of the V's as like a bee colony, or an ant colony, or whatever, and there's the Queen, which is Anna, and the rest of us follow, but I think finally, Lisa is getting around of the rest of the ants, and she's making her own destiny, and maybe Grandma will get in the way of that. I don't know," she hints.

Don't miss Supergirl's return Friday, October 8 on The CW's Smallville! V returns later this year on ABC, drop by for the latest V updates!

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