Jeph Loeb In Smallville Magazine #6: Interview Highlights!
The sixth issue of Titan's official Smallville magazine is now available at newsstands. The issue many interviews with actors and crew of Smallville.

Here are some details from an interview with Smallville's "Storyteller For All Seasons," Jeph Loeb:

On Al Gough and Miles Millar publicly crediting Loeb's comic book series "Superman For All Seasons" as an inspiration:
"I'm very flattered that Al & Miles often publicly give credit for All Seasons as being one of their inspirations for the show. They're very giving in that way. I've always seen it as For All Seasons helping give birth to Smallville, Smallville then became its own thing, and anything that came out of Birthright [the DC Comics series that used the Smallville-originated conceit of Lex Luthor knowing Clark Kent as a teen] is something else again. Smallville is its own entity. I may have had some inspirations from the way that we approached For All Seasons, but it's certainly taken on its own mythology. For All Seasons is a very classic Superman story - Ma and Pa Kent are old enough to be his grandparents. Smallville chose to make the Kents John Schneider and Annette O'Toole. That to me is inspired because it helps that John and Annette bring so much to the show - they are actually the age that parents would be with a high school student son, so I think it's a better way to connect with the audience and I didn't have anything to do with that! That this is now reflected back into the comic world is something that I look at like we're stepchildren - we're not actually related, so you can't really draw a straight line between us."

On Loeb's added responsibility of being a liaison between the show and DC Comics:
"The other responsibility I have inherited this year is that I am now the liaison with DC Comics. The relationship with DC is so important, and I have a pre-existing relationship with them - we speak the same language. When we decided to do the Flash story, I went through it with Paul Levitz at DC, just to make sure he was OK with where we were going and how to protect both properties. That's really DC's goal here - to protect the property. So may job is to be able to translate it in a way that it will work for our show and work for DC."

And finally, about the show's fourth season:
"This is their last year at Smallville High, they're gonna graduate at the end - at least that's the plan! And then on we go... The nice part about it is that we do have this mythical and mystical five year plan created by Al and Miles, and so far we have begun in the places that they thought we were going to begin at and we have ended in the places where they thought we were going to end. How we got there is the challenge that they and the writing staff have to figure out during any given year."

And this is just the tip of the iceberg - Loeb has many more things to say in his interview, so if you want to read more, find yourself a copy!

Smallville Magazine #6 is now on sale. If you'd like a copy of Smallville Magazine, check your local newsstand or bookstore, or contact Express Mags at 1-877-363-1310.

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