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Act Three

Gordon and Bruce run down the tunnel, away from the roaring water. Bruce hits a wall. Gordon uses his flashlight and finds the only tunnel out is 20 feet overhead. Bruce does some acrobatics and finds his way up. He then finds a way for Gordon to get up there with him, just in time to beat a flood of gushing green goo. They make their escape, and of course, Alfred criticizes Bruce for showing off his acrobatic talents in front of Jim Gordon.

Gordon reunites with Bruce and Alfred and reveals that he was given an anonymous message to meet Bruce at the chemical plant. Someone obviously wanted them both killed. Bruce tells Gordon that there's a place where they may find some answers and get some good breakfast. They head off.

Nearby, Charles Palantine is in his limo and sees Gordon by Bruce's Rolls. He starts towards it, but then the Rolls squeals off.

The "good breakfast" is at the apartment of Lucius Fox's mother, Billie. "An ample, charming woman," she and Lucius talk to Gordon and Bruce about what they've seen - and about Lucius' father's accident. "He was real nervous, his last few days... I think he saw something," Lucius tells them.

Alfred admires Billie's cooking, even when he sees she's used lard. Really, this is a scene that would've looked good in a comic book, and it's a shame Tim McCanlies hasn't done any comic book work, because he's GREAT with the dialogue.

Lucius tells them he'll dig around and see what he can find out inside the Wayne Chemical files. With that, they leave...

...and the scene turns to Harvey Dent's apartment. Harvey tells Bruce not to dare sign these papers. "They get everything, you get nothing but a monthly check... you have no rights or protections, completely at their mercy. Don't sign this," Bruce is told.

A phone rings. It's Harvey's mother. She's arguing with his dad.

Another phone rings. It's Harvey's mother. He's arguing with Harvey's mom. Harvey plays mediator on the phone, changing sides as it becomes convenient. Very two-faced, one might think. It's rather comical that Harvey juggles this all the while talking to Bruce.

Harvey tells Bruce that they wouldn't dare kill him once he's 18. "Once you fully inherit WayneCorp, if you die without a will, your estate goes into probate for years," he explains. "So, my legal counsel is: Stay alive until tomorrow."

Alfred tells Bruce about how it reminds him of Henry VIII, who was crowned King at 18, whose advisors tried to force him aside, saying he was too young. When Bruce asks what Henry did, Alfred told him he had eveyone beheaded.

"Good story Alfred: NOT useful here," Bruce tells him.

After more discussion, Harvey's tune changes, and he tells Bruce to sign the papers. After all, Bruce has no interest in Gotham anyway, and Harvey knows WayneCorp is capable of very bad things. "They own everything, including the cops," Harvey says. "Take the money and run! You'll still be plenty rich... and alive."

Bruce gets defensive, and says that he really should do something about it. "What? Stay in Gotham? Go up against Palantine and the Board?" Harvey asks him. Bruce looks angry and stubborn. He then changes the subject, almost too casually, and asks how Susan is. "Does she, uh, work somewhere?" Bruce asks. Harvey grins knowingly, and tells Bruce the location. Bruce and Alfred head off in the Rolls.

In the rear view mirror, two dark sedans are bearing down on them. Out of the windows emerge gun barrels, aiming at the Rolls.

"This is a Rolls-Royce! They wouldn't DARE!" Alfred exclaims. A shot hits the side window, shattering it. "Is nothing sacred?!?!"

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