A live-action telling of the story of a young Bruce Wayne as he begins on his journey to become... a Bat.

A television series takes a comics icon and re-energizes it for the 21st century. The project has a lot of buzz, and could be a hit that the WB could use for their unique audience weaned on popular shows such as Buffy.

If you think we're talking about Batman Begins or Smallville here, you're wrong.

In late 1999, fans were buzzing with excitement over an announced television project that would cover the "missing years" of DC Comics' famed Caped Crusader. Everyone knows how the story begins - young millionaire Bruce Wayne's parents are killed, and he grows up and dresses like a rodent to put fight crime. But, as writer Tim McCanlies pointed out in the Bruce Wayne series bible, "Never answered--in comics, TV, or films--are the questions, 'Why?' and 'How?'"

David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins film, which hits theatres June 15, 2005, aims to cover that ground in what will likely be a very different way. But back in 1999, when this project got off the ground, this is something that had never been seen on screen. Even Frank Miller's Batman: Year One focused primarily on the early adventures of Bruce after he had become Batman.

McCanlies in 1999 was best known for writing the screenplay to the animated feature The Iron Giant. He teamed up with the Tollin-Robbins production company to bring the project to life.

Why didn't it happen? What would it have been like? All of these answers and more in the pages within.

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