Best Guest Star With 3 Episodes Or More
James Marsters

Smallville fans aren't the only people who love James Marsters.

He still has a legion of fans from his work as "Spike" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and his performance as Captain John Hart on Torchwood got rave reviews. This multi-talented individual can call up the right mixture of humor and sarcasm while at the same time, he can play a character who is chillingly scary.

The news that Marsters would be returning to Smallville for Season 7 was greeted with great excitement, and although his arc may have been a little choppy due to the writers' strike, his guest shots were happily welcomed.

It should be no surprise that James Marsters swept the Best Guest Star With 3 Episodes Or More category with 69% of the 5,279 votes cast. Behind him at second place was Michael Cassidy as Grant Gabriel with only 16%.

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